Friday, August 18, 2006

Crazy Day.


I went to get the part for my car yesterday. I was at work at 11.30, so I had plenty of time. Got to the place. They had quoted me £53 plus VAT (This I have to skrimp about to find and break into my piggy bank to get).

However when I got there they said I had to pay a £30 charge because I hadn't brought my old one back. (No one told me this when I rang). Wasn't best pleased. Anyway I thought I would ring my dad (I always ring my dad when I have problem, he can solve anything), but I didn't have any credit on my phone. So I thought I would use the old fashioned way and just use a pay phone.

I found 70p by rooting around in the car and eventually found a phone box. They seem a bit sparse now days. (I once travelled back from Leicsester with a car that have no power unless it was going down hill, without seeing a phone box until I was 18 miles from home. )

Anyway couldn't get through to my dad. Then the ruddy phone stole my money. Well all but 20p and it costs 30p minimum to make a phone call.

As if this wasn't bad enough I go back to the car to go to work and the car refused to start. By the time I go it started, I was pushing it to be at work on time.

Then as I work by the seaside I was stuck in traffic for ages. I normally go the back routes to get to work.

So I arrive at work half an hour late, hot, mad and stressed. Work were ok about it, though they did knock the half an hour off my wages, which I thought was mean, but I will remember this when they ask people to voluntarily to cover extra shifts.

Anyway I'm going to try again this morning. This is why I'm up so early. Hopefully with more success that yesterday.

Sam x

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