Friday, August 04, 2006

Superman Returns.


I went to the pictures last night to see Superman Returns.
It was a bum numbing 3 hours long though, with a lack of action, humour or romance, it seemed longer. I like the old Superman films I have to say this one is not up to scratch.

I thought the guy who played Superman was really good apparently it was his first big acting job. Kevin Spacey was an excellent Leix Luther (slightly crazy)but he didn't really get a chance to stand out as the world destroying villain due to the lack of ambition in his take control of the world plan.

The first half of the film is dedicated to the return of Superman and the fact that Lois had in this time gone off and found a new guy and had a son (She is a fast worker). The second half does get better in a hero saving people kind of way.

I hope it hasn't put you off. This my own opinion the guy I when with enjoyed it.

Sam x

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