Sunday, December 30, 2007

Had a fantastic Christmas. Though I was ill all through it.
Went to see St Trinians yesterday with Vic. Love it. Was super.
Though it was going to bit a bit of a wash out because I love the old black and white ones with Alistair Sims. It was really done well.
There are loads of dodgy jokes you have to watch out for. Best was when there had Colin Firth being pushed out of the window and then walking across the grass looking like Mr Darcy.
Russal Brand does need a few acting lesson but he wasn't bad.
The girls were good and loads of super backing songs.
Would like to go and see it again.
Sam x

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Anonymous said...

i went and saw that when i was back at mums it was fantastic although some very bad editing sometimes notice lots of things being there in one scene but not the next v.funny.
about time you posted on your blog lazy
kt xx