Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Inspected again.

The school has been inspected again. Don't think it went as well as OFSTED he watched my RE lesson. I was teaching Hinduisum not my best subject. He should have come on Friday when I was doning Science and we were learning about evaporation and I have the class outside pertending to be molecules in a puddle. Why can they understand a concept which is really hard and you can;t even see it happening but they don't got the muiltpication is just repeated addition.

Starting to get all Christmasy. Going to a panto soon. We don't do school plays thank God because I'm only just caught up with last weeks to do list.

Going to wrap some presents now. things have started to arrive in the post. BT sorted out. Only two proper teaching weeks left untill Christmas and have just found out we don't have to be back until the 7th of Jan. Plus Easter is crazy this year as well and we have extra long.



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