Monday, November 12, 2007

Think I in the wrong job.

Oh my God. I've had a heck of a day.
Imagine having a stonker of a headache and having to spend the day with an over active child who just won't calm down or shut up or listen to anything you have to say, plus it answers back because they of course know best. Now imagine the same situation but this time multiply it by 30. I think I should have locked myself in the cupboard. Oh plus in the afternoon we had music in which all 30 children were playing percussion instruments rather loudly. 
Well headache has gone. I'm off to the pictures to see Elizabeth. Im not going to any work and I consider watching Elizabeth as work because we are doing the Tudors and it is research. 
Car is in for an MOT tomorrow morning at 8. I need to clean it as it still has stuff in it from holiday. 
Wish my car luck. 
Sam. X


Anonymous said...

Sorry gave up leaving you comments cause you stopped posting news.

How did xmas shopping go. I know you wanted ideas I have one, but you must promise not to laugh, well to hard.

Santa - I would like a rights said fred CD. I would like it to have on it like a swan and deeply dippy. Please. I know its said but Iam being haunted him, whenever I turn the raido on he is there and now it is stuck in my head. And I like it.

Sex pistols were so amazing. Oh my god, It was totally sold out and we were on the front row, well at least for the first four songs till my ribs got crushed. It was so crazy there but baffels in the crowd to stop people being crushed, and had lots of bouncers to pull you out of the mosh pit. Got some fab pictures, and really really enjoyed it. It was like watching rick mail on stage, Johnny was fantastic witht eh crowd really funny and silly. It was an amazing night, even the mad rush across lonodn to get the last rain toour hotel was quite amusing. I actually ran.

Ok thats my news
love col

Sam said...

Wow you running did you get pictures.