Saturday, November 10, 2007

I can't remember summer looking this good.
I want a new car. Mine is rubbish. The list of thing wrong with it is getting longer.
Clutch is making weird noises.
Handbrake feels funny.
It no long likes petrol so when I fill it up it shoots it back out at me. My new perfume of oduor la petrol.
The electric windows have given up. (tthis is a good thig as it mean John can't wind down the window when I'm driving.)
It keeps stalling still.
It has a small but important leak in the radiator.
That is about it.


Anonymous said...

look me commenting lol
i think you should just buy a new car by the time you fix yours up you could of at least got a half decent one.
i've spent all morning cleaning our house was a sh*t hole
but i like things clean now i blame tosspot (lynden) lol

Sam said...

You can come and clean mine. We still haven't recovered from last weeks party. We brought paper plates and the sods used normal ones. We have gained loads of booze.