Thursday, November 15, 2007

Golden compass.

John wants to go and see the golden compass film. Can anyone think of an excuse to get out of it because I think it looks rubbish? I loved the Philip Pullman book and don't really want to watch it Americanised. I think the only thing English is the song by Kate Bush.
I don't like the Lyra kid, she is the annoying one from War of the Worlds. I normally like Nicole Kidman. Maybe I will just go to watch Daniel Craig. Mummmmm!!!!!
Why Oh Why could they not find a nice English kid and make it in England.

Why Oh Why have they changed the name. Could the audience not cope with Northern Lights. Was there a dodgy film of the same name?

I know I'm being negative, but it is what I do best.



Anonymous said...

ok my god you should except the world and other countrys i mean your in boston and i don't think they's that many english people left in that town to start say rule britanna (or how ever its spelt) but yeah i agree bloody hollywood
kt xx

Anonymous said...

I want to see this film. Guess northen light has been used. However peter does not believe its a book. Some people are so stupid!!!

Me you Vic john peter need to go for a meal one evening before xmas

what do you think col

Wes said...

You should go and see it! You never know, you might actually like it!

I didn't particularly want to see it but I went with a friend and it was actually miles better than I expected. Give it a try! ;)

Btw, I'm just here from to approve you as an affiliate :) Thanks!