Thursday, November 08, 2007

So sorry

I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to write this. Over a month since. But to make up for it I have prepared a list of excuses.

The dreaded Ofsted have been in.

I was kidnapped and John refused to pay the ransom. So I have to chew my way out.

The dog ate my computer.

John is arguing with BT so we can't get the internet.

Boston is a hell hole and so backward it doesn;t know what a computer is.

I'm working so hard that every evening my brain is fried.

Still living with John I can't get near to the computer to go on the internet. I'm only on it now because I have locked him out when he took the rubbish out.

Working full time has led me to drink.

I'm out clubbing all the time.

I'm not allow to use electricity because of how much it costs. John in insists on even taking to little light out of the fridge.

We spend all our time in the bedroom.

We argue so much that we have thrown our laptops at each other.

I have died.

Please appriciate the effort I have made here. I should be making books.

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Anonymous said...

i belive number seven is true but defo don't belive number 11 acutally i just don't think my mind will let me euggg]
kt xx