Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas is coming.

Well Christmas is going and I am back on the internet looking for ideas what to get people. It doesn't seem that long since I was doing the same thing last year.

So any of my family who read this I want ideas please. if you don't give me a list you will end up with stuff you don't want. I think I will buy you something completly horrid and you will have to pretend you like it and everytime I come round to your house I will meantion it so you will have to feel obliged to have it out on sort all the time. I'm thing something like a pink flock virgin Mary or a stuffed crow, or a huge plastic carrige clock made out of shells which lights up.

So please ideas.

Dear Santa

Thank you for last years presents. This year I would like a car.

Your best friend Sam.

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Anonymous said...

luv the pic how very calvin and hobbs