Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hair Hell


I brought a hair dye from lush. Red. It comes in a henna block and you have to make it in to a goo yourself. his involves blue rubber gloves, a saucepan and a cheese grater (don't ask). Considering the price of the stuff you would have thought it would have come already made up. Alway I am sat in the living room with tin foil on my head, a bit like the kids from signs (I couldn't find any clingfilm). I have also managed to dye the bath a lovely bath and try and I might the stuff won't come off. I don't know what John is going to say. If you have any ideas what can get dye off a bath let me know please.

All in all the stuff isn't worth the effort. I still have 5 squares left. You are meant to use it all but I'm tight. I reconmend anyone wanting to try it to think very carefuly before you buy. Though it is better for your hair because it is all natual and no chemicals. It is really worth the effort. Would cares if your hair might fall out.


PS Do you think the pic.

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