Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sorted at last.

Finally we have made progress with BT. Someone with a little bit of sense has spoken to us and resolved our problem with the installation charge. It has only taken 2 months.
Not long to go now before we break up from school. I'm back to shopping on the Internet for Christmas goodies. Last year I think most people ended up with the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.
Hopefully I will do better this year.
I'm still trying to get round to the picture to see Elizabeth we never made it the other week.
We have put our Christmas tree up. It has been up about 2 weeks. It was new and we didn't see the point of leaving it in the box until the 1st.
I have brought an advent candle and calender.
Sam X


Anonymous said...

Yo arn't BT Crap they tried to screw us over too. Not to the same extent left ben to sort it- he claims he's sorted it now?!

Just re hooked up to the internet.
Hows you be?
Fancy a pissup soon-damn the marking- i wont do any if you don't

Anonymous said...


When are you off to see Golden compass. I want to go see it. think it comes out next week. I have put decorations up, brought loads of lights but got my measurements wrong. I have one set slightly to short and one set which covers the whole outside wall of the house. Bugger. Not to sure where to put these they are a massive fish net ones.

I have started xmas shopping, but in the usual up hill struggle with Peter about actually spending some money. You would think I have commited murder by his reaction. It was only £80. I Would not be so stressed but its out my own account from my own bloody wages.

He went to paris the other day so while away I finished the girls off. He went crazy not spoken to me yet. He thinks they should only have 2 presents each. I think they should have a stocking then a pile down stairs. Last year was a struggle this year is just a pain in the arse. Think i might show the girls what they could have but there dads a miserable arse hole so everything can go to an orphanage and fuck him he can sorted it all out himself. Though he would be pleased I care about then enought to go crazy. They dont get toys all year round and they never dare ask for anything when we are out.

Ok sorry to winge but so pissed off with the fucking tight twat. Going shopping to cheer myself up latter.

Hoep you are all well
love col