Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cake mistake.


Having been inspired by the sensational cakes from the wedding show, and me thinking I can do that, is having a shot at making a birthday cake for two friends (1 cake they can share). For something a bit different I decided to do a carrot cake, I thought it might be easier to ice. Got stuck in this afternoon. The cake is meant to take 45 minutes in the oven. Took it out and it was still wobbly, so bunged it back in again. 10min late another look, still a bit wobbly gave it a prod, it was still sticking to the knife, in it goes again. This happened until it had been in for 1 hour 15mins. Blow this I thought, maybe it will it is meant to be a bit wet and will carry on cook as it cools. So I take it out and sit down for a coffee. Went back 15mins late the whole thing had sunk it half it's size with a big crater in the middle. Sod this. Plan B I'm going to serve the carrot cake with so much cream cheese topping on that they won't notice. I had also made a sponge and put it in the oven. Fingers crossed it will turn out beautifully. If it doesn't I will buy a blinking cake.

The collapsed carrot cake.

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