Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have found a new talent.

pink zebra cake
pink zebra stripe cake
After the disaster that was the carrot cake, I decided to make a sponge, which turn out beautifully. Next came the decoration. Inspired by the cakes I saw at the wedding show and the fact that thought it didn't look that hard I decided to have a go. I found a super, thought really painfully slow, you tube video to show how to do the zebra print step by step. Icing the cake white was surprisingly easy. Roll it out, bung it on, smooth it down. Wasn't too concerned about bumps and blemishes because I could cover them. Getting the icing pink was a nightmare. It didn't seem to matter how much pink colouring I put into it, it was remain a pale pink, I wanted fushia. Gave up in the end, added a bit of red which seemed to brighten it up. If i do it again I will buy the icing already coloured.
With a pizza cutter in hand we, me and Katie, made the stripes. I have to admit Katie was more efficient at this than me, so I left her to it, and I stuck them to the cake.
Put some huge feathers it and there you go. Really please with it.



Liz said...

It looks too beautiful to eat. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the cake, What has happened to your blog it looks different???

Hot Rocks said... looks fab! Very creative!

Anonymous said...

That cake was gorgeous, thank you!!! it tasted fab too... xxx