Sunday, July 11, 2010

9 Weeks.

Have been busy this week. Have started to tell people about the pregnancy. Went to Holly's on Wednesday and had tea with her. Told her. This week I'm going to tell Vicky. Today it is the turn of John's Mum, so we are off to Lincoln in a moment. Tomorrow after school we are going to see John's Dad to tell them know. Also need to tell Nick and Ros.
I seem to feeling better and fancying food now. I was hungry yesterday for the first time in weeks. John is still doing a super job of looking after me. He has booked a trip on a boat with a meal for Tuesday. He has also started to clear out the shed in the garden so we have more room to put stuff in.
I have my first really panic yesterday morning. I have had a really bad headache for the last couple of days. For my birthday Col got my a tiara making course in Grantham. I was feeling so poorly and rotten that I completely broke down. Then everything came out, the spare room, decorating, money, job and panic set in. It took lots of tissues and reassurance before I got going again. Anyway, I went to the class and it was super, I made 2 lovely tiaras.
I have also gone off chocolate. got masses for my birthday and don't seem to fancy any at the moment.
Went to the midwife, got myself all worked up about the blood draining. Only for her to say that it will be done in the hospital on the scan visit. The appointment was just filling out forms. The Scan appointment is on the 3rd August, I will be 12 weeks by then.

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