Monday, January 30, 2017

January blues and bugs.

We haven't had the best start to 2017. James has already had a week off school due to, what we think was, flu. He has today off again due to a dodgy tummy and Penny is off because we think she is now coming down with flu. Luckily, Izzy (touch wood) has been bug free, but she has had some back teeth through do is a bit grizzly.

Izzy has become quite attached to a blanket teddy thing. Today she wouldn't settle without it. It might become another dolly, who I'm terrified we may lose at some point.

At the beginning of the month we were invited to a wedding of John's step brother. It was beautiful.

Prep is underway for organising James' birthday party. Invites are already to go out. Katie is face painting and I'm incharge of fun and games. What possible could go wrong?
Pic of James in the snow. We had a small flurry one morning. I've never seen James get dressed so quickly when we said he could go out in it. 

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