Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 2 Legoland

After a great nights sleep and feeling refreshed by a fantastic buffet breakfast, and with Izzy with us, we headed back to Legoland for day 2.
The idea today was to chill out do the splash play bits, the models and the shows. Which is more or less what we did.
After the Star Wars Lego models which were very impressive. We headed straight away (a few miss started invovling missing shoes, and new pants) to splash play as we though people would do that at the end of the day. It was great, swimsuits on all three loved the smaller water area, even Izzy braved putting her foot on a spout. We headed up to the larger, splashier site. It was too much for Iz, my fault as we got caught in the bucket that tips water everywhere, I shielded her with me body but she stil, go splashed. John took her back to the little one. Penny and James braved the small green side but the others were too big. It was too splashy for them. Children were fighting water cannon in their faces so we left and went back down.
We saw a puppet show about Cinderella which Penny and Izzy enjoyed. Despite it being a Saturday the fairytale bit was quiet and we went on the duplo train and a fairytale boat ride, balloon ride, hot air ride and the horses, all of which Izzy was allowed on. We also had a play on the play area and an ice cream to cool down. Izzy was getting tired so she had a nap and we looked around all the lego models, which were very impressive and what .i think Legoland is all about. We watched a Heartlake show again. James wanted to go on Ninjago again, so we headed back. Again, as it was getting late there was hardly any queues. James was bouncing ul and down in the queue he was so excited. The last ride we visited was the spider spin carts, which I didn't like.
Again we had another fab day. I'm please we booked 2 days. I don't think you can do it in 1 day and I would have been disappointed in the things we managed to see. The hotel was fantastic, right near the aiport, so we could watch the planes.
It was helpful that my kids were a delight to take out. We left happy, tired and with lego to build.

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