Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Everything was awesome.

Have had a fab few days at Legoland. Wasn't too sure what to expect as I hate queues, people, paying for expensive food, the normal stuff you get with theme parks. But I/we loved it. LOVED IT.
We arrived for 10am, and walked in as we had paid tickets. We went go straight on the rapids, which was my favourite. We headed straight to Ninjago rides as that was what James wanted to do most. Straight onto the Destiny Bounty, followed by a short wait to get onto the important Ninjago ride. This is a cart on a track which moves onto 3d area where you zap bad guys by waving your arms around like crazy. It was OK but I missed quite a bit as it scared Penny and she hid.
Also high up on James list was Nexo knights, by this time it was starting to get a bit busy, but was waited about 20min for each ride there. Again Penny wasn't keen but she kept going on them like a trooper.
After a picnic lunch, we headed to the Pharaoh rides, which John enjoyed the shooting one. I definitely didn't like the bouncing beetle thing.
By this time it was getting on and the bus trips were starting to head home, yay. The place quieted down and the next series of ride we walked straight on. Penny was beginning to get tried but she perked up on the horses. Missed out on the balloons due to a loo stop, but caught the end of a Heartlake show which she said was really good.
The submarine ride was a suprise, as I was expect lego fish not a whole aquarium which sharks. Lego city provided the last few ride which was Pennys favourite. The car driving. She was so pleased to get her licence. I even purchased a fake licence with her and James picture on it. She went on it three time, trying out different colour cars, apparently blue is the best to drive. She even wanted to drive home.
We also had a go on the fire engiune ride. It puffed me out pumping to move the engine then and so James could out out the fire.
We didn't get out of the car park before both were alseep in  the car.

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