Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Camping success.

Last weekend we ventured out on our first camping trip as a familt of five. Armed with our new to us six man tent and a carfull of camping papaphernalia off we went to Milton Keynes.
Arrived at the campsite in the pouring rain and it didn't stop. John and I got soaked getting the tent up. Col and Marley arrived just as we were putting the last few guy rope on. I swear they were parked up somewhere watching us the get the thing up.
The place we stayed was called Grove Lock Marina. It was ideal, plenty of space for the kids to run, they allowed ball games and best of all there was a little shelter complete with fire, picnic table, chairs, wood and coal with a note saying help ourselves, which we did. Dad and Lynsey turned up later to their caravan.
We tried the contain the kids in the tent but in the end it was easier to suit and boot them in waterproofs and wellies and let them run off steam which they did for most the evening. The shelter and fire was a Godsend and we made the most of it. Cooking our tea of hotdogs and soup followed by hot chocolate and toasted marshmellows. Apart from me thinming I would squash Iz on the airbed and the air bed having a hole. We all slept well.

Bletchley Park was the plan for the next day. So Col and I managed to cook a cooked breakfast for everyone on two ringed stove. The weather seemed better, so we packed a picnic and off we went.
Bletchley was ok, but it was dull for the kids. Marley is really into war and there hardly anything that interested him. There was lots of reading but it didn't relate tot he children even though we told them the interesting bits. There wasn't a lot of sfuff to look at either. It was disappointing.

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