Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Stanwick Lakes

On Sunday before we picked up the tent we visited Stanwick Lakes, near Kettering. It wasn't a place I had heard of before,but we would definitely be going again.
It start off with it is free, apart from the car park charge of £5.50, which is great. There is an enormous wooden play area, with a little stream running at the bottom of it, which had stepping stones. There is a water play bit, with pumps, puddles, pipes and dams. As well as that there is a small sand bit for younger children. There are also tunnel slides which if you go down you end up in a big puddle at the bottom.

Before we ventured into the playarea we took a short walk area the lakes. Blackberries were ready so the kids picked and eat them as we went. We came across some interesting scuptures as well as a some assult course. Even though there is a cafe we took a picnic and despite the rain, had it under a tree. Than had a go on the assult course which was a lottle big for my three. After we headed back to the play area and after a much need coffee and ice cream the kids dived in and splashed about until they were almost unrecognisable and covered in water, sand and mud. Taking spare clothes is a most, as are wellies for parents if you are not a fan of getting your feet wet.

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