Friday, September 08, 2017

70th Birthday cake. Part 1.

Dad is 70 on Saturday so to celebrate I've made him a birthday cake. I alway find it tricky as to what to put on a mans cake, but this time I have an idea which hopefully will be quite simple to do.

Part 1 Make the cake.

Iz and I set to make a basic Victoria sponge.
It true bake off style the first one when wrong and we have to start over. With Iz helping chaos ensued and she caused more work tidying up, but she enjoyed mixing and licking.

2. Making decorations.

So I'm going with a music theme as Dad plays the guitar. I printed out a few outlines of guitars and cut it into parts to cut round. I'm doing this with the hope it will dry for tomorrow and I can assemble it. I have also done a few in case I break them. 

3. Crumb coating.

So once the cake is sandwiched with Strawberry jam and buttercream a layer of buttercream is spread on the top and sides. This is where I go wrong. As I tend to use Penny lactose free marg my buttercream often ends up to soft and sloppy and the cake slides under the fondant as it doesn't harden. This time I have made it half butter and half marg and will leave it to set over night before I icing it.

That's about all I can do today. 

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