Thursday, December 29, 2011


We have had a lovely Christmas. It has been very busy and hectic but really nice. Christmas morning John and I got up about 7:00 James woke up just after us. Father Christmas had been a left a few present in his stocking at the end of his bed. Because Mum was coming round we made sure he was bathed, feed and changed before he began opening his present. He didn't really
get the idea and ripping the paper off and needed a lot of help.
Santa had also left him presents under the tree and together we opened a bouncing Zebra and a car. Mum came round for a bit before she went to Cols. She got me a load of pans which was exactly want I wanted and a lovely jumper. James got a phone, activity table and a stacking hoop set. John got a dressing gown.
We met Dad, Janet and Paul, Grandma and Katie at the Fleece in Burgh for Christmas dinner. It was huge and I couldn't eat it all, John helped me.
At home we opened more prezzies. Spa days, telescopes, toy work benches loads things. We played games until late.
Boxing day we have lunch at Dads, then went to John dads for a few hours. It was nice to see them all, Jess and Harvey were there. We had tea at Dad, Col and Peter and Marley were there. It was nice to see them.
The next day we went to Johns mums. Had a lovely meal that she had cooked. Yesterday and today we have had a day off. Just chilling and playing with our presents. x

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