Monday, December 05, 2011


Saw James stand on his own without holding on for the first time today. John saw the other day when Mum was here. He was trying to attack the Christmas tree. We started by a even spread of all the trimmings. Now there is a empty gap around the bottom, as James has grabbed them and we have moved them higher. It looks a bit odd but never mind. Between us we have managed to broke on nice glass drop by having a tug of wag with it until the end snapped off.
He was late going to bed today. I put him down and gave him some milk and was reading him Enid Blyton, when he suddenly stood up and throw up everywhere. Yelled to John to help me. Took him out of the cot to give him a cuddle and he did it again all over the floor. While I was still cuddling him he did it again all over me. Poor little mit. When we finally got sorted and cleaned up, it was getting on for 10 O'clock. Hope he feel better tomorrow.

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