Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 6 (we think)

Had my first midwife appointment today, it was just the usual questions of heath and if you smoke/drink. Baby should be due on the 18th of August, James will be 1 half years old. Still too small to be a big brother. Feel a little guilty that he hasn't had long just on his own as an only child, but too late now.
Col and Peter plus family called round yesterday. Marley and James were entertaining themselves by pasting a ball to each other over a chair, both laughing. James finds anything Marley does funny and laughs at him.
Kate was here the night before. She has now got her leg back so is able to drive again. She guessed at me being pregnant because we told her we are looking for a new house (though not because I'm pregnant) and asked me. I started off by lying, but I'm no good at lying so had a hide my face. We told her in the end. Col and Peter also know. Mum we are telling tomorrow and Dad on Saturday, John dad on Monday and Johns mum on Tuesday. It is because we are seeing them on these days over Christmas and we wanted to tell them face to face.

I have forgotten how tiring being pregnant in the first months is. Keep have to have a nap and James isn't sleeping very well either. Won't be able to have nice food over Christmas again nor wine at New Year. Or on my birthday. And I have just bough a bottle of nice sherry as a treat to myself.
Nevermind. x

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