Monday, September 09, 2013

Penny and James

Today is dads birthday, so we started this morning off by giving him a ring. Got the answering machine. As James was practising singing Happy Birthday yesterday, we all left a message singing Happy birthday, even John joined in. It was really sweet.
Penny now on move, she is rolling over everywhere. Though she often gets stuck and lays there wailing until rescued. She is a very happy baby and smiles a great deal. She is use starting to giggle. Her favourite thing are, bouncing, flying, watching James and pulling hair. It isn't often she cries.
Yesterday we popped over to mums. James found crickets to play with and make jump. We also came back with masses of damsons, blackberrys and a big marrow. Not sure what to make yet, might have to freeze some. Will make some puree for Penny. She has just started to eat, just a tiny taste. She doesn't like missing out at meal times. James is doing well potty training. It is costing me a fortune in sweets.

James has been very lucky and got a new bike. Grandma brought for him. We go out most days for a ride. He hasn't quite got the hang of turning the peddle all the water round yet. 

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