Monday, September 30, 2013


I know we are a little early to starting weaning and the guidelines are not to until 6 months, but we have started and Penny is doing beautifully.
Right from weeks old she would have a little taste of something off my finger, this then progressed to the tiniest amount on a spoon. Now she is having a few spoonfuls while we have out dinner and tea. I think she thought she was missing out because out normally placid daughter turned into a growling monster when we were eating despite being in her blue chair.
So for the past weeks I have peeled, chopped and boiled all the free Autumn fruit I can get my hands on. Froze it in ice cube trays in preparation for the months to come. We have pear, apple, damson, plum and blackberry to try as well as carrot and sweet potato mush.
With James, who started weaning at 4 months due to being very sick after every feed, we did puree until 6 months then had a mixture of baby led weaning and mush. It seem to work and at the moment at 2.5year old he eats very well.
Here is a picture of Penny in her highchair, she looks so tiny. James likes to sit on my knee and help feed her.

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