Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Penny's birth

Defiantly a better birth than James, but it seemed a lot longer. As with James, due to drugs and pain the details are hazy and no doubt John will remember them differently.
On the 26th (due date) a was watching a rubbish film, therefore didn't go to bed very early. I wasn't sleeping very well any way, due to being so fat and having SPD. Two hours later I was regretting stopping up so long, as 2o'clock contractions had started. John was down stairs either sleeping (kicked out of bed) or working can't remember which. I lay there trying to work out whether this was it or now. With James my waters broke so it had definitely started, no so with this one. 2.30 pain wasn't going away, so went downstairs to wake John. John, as with James, didn't seem overly concerned and when to bed, I tried to watch TV. 3.30 pain was getting stronger, so woke John. As we now live away from the hospital we had to sort out baby sitter and a lift. I was worried that either we wouldn't make it to the hospital on time or the hospital would turn us away because I want as far gone as I thought. Decided to ring Dad to come and collect us and Mum to look after James. They both took 1.5 hours to get here, by this time the contractions had really started. Dad arrived saying that he hadn't time for a drink and as he came straight away, john offered him a coffee. I moaned that there wasn't time and he had to make do with a coke. Got to the hospital about 5.30. Dad hung round for a bit to make sure they didn't sent us away. Got examined and was found to be in early labour. Dad went home. By 10o'clock no progress in fact everything had all most stopped and they wanted to sent me home.
Now for the TMI part, after a few tears, the midwife did a sweep and sent me in walk up and down the stairs to try and get things moving. By this time I was shattered so they found me a bed in the ward where I tried to get some sleep. Unfortunately, things started going again, so John and I wandered up and down for a while stopping now and then for contractions. We also went for a walk outside in the cold and rain, didn't really help. Hours and hours later still no go. They decided to break my waters. Wow, did that work instantly there was pain, I thought I could handle it but after a few contractions I was asking for pain relief.
Penny was born quickly afterwards at 7.46pm, weighting 8lb 6oz. It was a total surprise to have a girl, was expecting a little boy. It was a good job we had a girl as it was the only name we could agree on. Penny Lynette.
Dad picked john up at 11pm and he stopped over.
After a rough night with Penny crying all the time and if she wasn't crying the baby in the bed opposite was. John and dad arrived to take us home. They had to wait a while as the nurse told them to let me sleep because of the lack of it in the night. They even managed to examine Penny without disturbing us. We was discharged about 3.00 and went straight to Grandma's to show her Penny. We did stop long, then headed home.
James was introduced to Penny the following day when mum brought him back along with Katie who stopped over a few days. Over the next week we had visitor from both side to come and see the newest member of the family.
For the first 3 weeks Penny was backwards, she would sleep all day and awake all night. It was a struggle to get sleep but thing soon settled out, we put her outside in the sunshine during the day to help. It was also needed as she was quite jaundice it last nearly 2 weeks. She soon made up for the lack of sleep as by 4 weeks old she was only having 2 feeds and it wasn't long before that became 2.
She was and still  is very good. For the first 4 months when we went out she would do nothing but sleep, with was very disappointing for the relatives who wanted a cuddle. At 4 week we went on holiday and she didn't see any of it and slept through the whole thing. Now at 5 months she is enjoying going out looking round and taking it all in.

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