Monday, February 03, 2014

Grrrr Mucky Toads

For Christmas James got a beautiful wigwam tent, but the thing is huge. So to try and accommodate in his bedroom we first needed a rearrange. Now, I quite like rearranging furniture because this is the first house I've had that has been big enough to move stuff about in. So we moved James' to the other side of the room. Bare in mind that I only painted his room in the last 9 months, the wall going along side of his bed is absolutely filthy, there is a grubby, nearly black line the entire lenght of his bed. It must be from his hands and feet. Grubby thing. So after a grumble and a moan I have touched up the grubby bits in his room, cleaned out all his baby toys to move to Penny's room and hovered, dusted and made it look spick and span. Wonder how long it will last?

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