Monday, February 10, 2014

It has arrived.

It was a bit of an adventure getting to our house, but at last the playhouse has arrived. We (Dad, John, me and random man) had heave the playhouse first through the back fence, over a dyke which 2 narrow planks had been placed. I'm not the most agile of people and lifting a corner of a playhouse while balancing precariously and wobbling dangously on a plank over a dyke was not an experience I want to repeat. As Dad was crossing over there was an ominous creak and Dad plank cracked in half leaving Dad in the middle of the ditch. Once the crossing had taken place we only had to contend with getting it across a ploughed field to the trailer. Add on the fact it was also blowing a gale, it all made it rather a stuggle. The journey home was competed by Penny being sick all over.
It was much easier our end. John and James had already dismantled the fence the day before. Therefore, with the help of Hugh the neighbour we lifted it it to place.
Impatience as I am, I when out in the afternoon to try the paint samples. Cuprinol Garden Shades Beach Blue seems to go on well only needing 2 coats. Hopefully it will stay dry so we can paint it.

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