Monday, February 20, 2017

James is 6

Today is James birthday. 6 years old. 
This morning we were awoken by a very excitable 6 year old and Penny. We bounced (not me) down stairs to open prezzies. A crystal growing kit, anklyozord (which was a nightmare to find), bouncing T rex thing that turns into a charger and from Penny, a Star Wars Masher and a activity book. He said they were the best presents ever, so alls good.

We had Star Wars birthday cake for breakfast and opened all his cards. He got quite a bit of money. He offered it to me saying it was for a day out (cat grandma gave him money for a day at Wheelgate). He was thrilled when we said he could go to the toy shop and choose a toy, the rest will go in his bank. 
It was school today, first day back after half term. He ran in, very excited to show off his badges and tell them what he go and share his sweets out. 

Sunday is his party, a joint one with Ruth. I think I'm about sorted apart from doing the cakes. Will be relived when they are finished. 

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