Thursday, February 02, 2017

Passing the time

Since Christmas I have only had one day back at work. While I'm enjoying the time off I thought I would make the most of it by Spring cleaning the house and spend some quality time with Penny and Izzy.

However, I find playing with Penny quite boring after a while. Role play really isn't my thing. I'm more at home with James building and making stuff, but Penny has little interest in that and like it when I play dress up or Princesses, which is OK for about 20minutes. So we had started cooking and bird watching, play group and hoovering to past the day.

The Spring cleaning was going well, but instead of having the whole house beautiful and tidy I only seem to get one room sorted at a time. Currently it is the downstairs toilet. The children only have to walk into a room and within seconds it is cluttered with clothes ( why can't they keep their clothes on?) Toys, cushions, the funiture moves round different places, parts of lego makes, drawings or things Izzy can choke on stack on the windowstill. It is like living with poltergeists. As soon as James gets in from school you can follow a trail of him. Shoes off at the door, book bag on the kitchen unit, coat near the living room door. Not to meantion Pennys complete inability to flush the chain at the moment, she was fine but seems to have relasped. Izzy, not on to be left out has discovered cupboards and stuff in cupboard, namely the baking one with flour and sugar.

Still it keep me busy.

This is my first selfie. Penny was insisting that we wear witches hats. "You have to be a witch to drink coffee and red juice."

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