Thursday, October 19, 2017

4 reason why I hate toy advent calenders.

I love, love LOVE the run up to Christmas. The lights, the sparkle, the gorgeous smells and being able to wear boots.

One thing I absolutely hate is the toy advent calender. The chocolates are bad enough. Last year we left it too late to get a dairy free advent calender for Penny (not made that mistake this year, one is already tucked away) so we improvised, using a paper picture one and giving her some Haibo every morning. Was this good enough, no, no and no. We had tears and tantrums until one morning I hid it until she sorted herself out. James on the other day lived and breathed for that tiny, chocolately goodie. Every morning instead of bursting in our room with kisses and a cuddle it was 'can I have my advent calender'. Grrrr

Which bring me to toy advent calenders and why I hate them.

1. It is just greed, greed, greed. I'm sure the same thing was said about chocolate one when they first cames out, but compare £1 chocolate to £20. It a huge different especially with three little darlings to buy for.

2. The toys are crap. The lego ones consists of a few brick that you have to guess ehat they vaguely look like. You know you will be sweeping them up with the wrapping paper come boxing day.

3. Once again, greed. My lot get enough stuff at Christmas. Yes, they get presents from Santa, Grannies, cousins and next door (they are super lucky). They also get parties, Santa trips, panto trips, Christmas days out.

4. They are everywhere, at some point my kids will twig (especially now James can read) what they are and ask for one. I will put my foot down.

I have also mentioned that the family advent calender won't happen this year as it is too much for three children. This is a fabric one, most of the time it contains things like, make gingerbread men or house, make reindeer food, make cards, decorate the tree, party games, visit to Santa. Stuff we do anyway, sometimes there maybe a lolly in there or a chocolate. We alternate it sometimes with the children. It worked last year but though it would be too much this year with three of them. James was disappointed and saud the best thing was making the gingerbread house. So looks like we are doing that again.
Beaver are doing a reverse advent calender, ever session we take a some food and near Christmas it gets given the food bank. I like this idea, except I keep forgetting yo take stuff in.

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