Thursday, October 05, 2017

DIY painting nightmare. (Don't buy Homebase Home of colour paint)

Our house is painted Almond white throughout, it has been since we moved in 5 years age. However, in each room there is a child height dark smears, sticky hand prints and marks where battering toys on the wall is a fun activity. Time for a freshen up and a change of colour.
As I'm pretty ropey at DIY I thought I would start in the bathroom, which contains a green bath suit, so it need all the help it can get. I decided not to venture to far from the Almond white so headed to grey. I thought I could bling it up with a glitter mirror and yellow accessories. I picked Homebases, home of colour paint in Dove grey, thinking it was a bit cheaper, how different could paint be?
From there it starts to go down hill.
The colour instead of a slight grey is quite dark making the small room look even smaller. The paint is absolutely crap, crapity, crap crap. When it is painted on instead of staying on the walls it moves around and comes off. I started sing a brush because there are lots of nooks and cranies but changed to a roller. The rollor was a slight improvment but I ended up with more on me than the walls. Changed to a paint pad which is better but the paint just seems to not want to stick or dry. The edges and corners which I did with a brush are completely a different shade compared to the rest of the walls. Considering I'm going over Almond white paint I thought it woukd only take 2 coats, I'm currently on my third and I can still see white peeking through. It is driving me up the walls.

Lesson learnt, don't buy cheap paint. Especially, Homebase, Home of colour.

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