Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I feel quite happy and cheerful today. Which is quite a pleasant why to feel. I'm normally a happy person anyway but today seems extra special and I don't know why. Maybe some thing terribly exciting is going to happen.

I didn't get up till 10 I love lay in it is the best time of the day. That little bit of time when you are not really awake or asleep and you can remember what you dreamt about. Mummmm. I also like the time when you are just feeling asleep. May be I'm just lazy!!!

I had the weirdest dream. I dream that my Dad and I had a plane. A very special plane. We were invited to go to a radio station and show off the plane. John can with us and Dad was late getting there. Because I didn't want the plane to get a car park ticket I put a hat on it to disguise it. I bit later on a swapped the hat for a moustache!!! Any way we flew it away a bit and it crashed. But we had all safely ejected.

Wonder what it means? I had been watching a James Bond film that evening so maybe it is to do with that. Maybe that is why I woke up happy?

love Sam.


Anonymous said...

hello, missis if you want the bramble brandy recipie all it is is:
blonk brables in jar
cover in sugar
top with brandy-cheap is ok
leave for a month at least.
p.s also works with summer fruits, rasberries- slightly tart- and other sweet fruits.
p.s. since when are you always happy?

Sam said...

I'm always happy. Think I'm going to make some as Christmas prezzie, really skint. failed MOT. If I don't laugh I would be crying. No Job, No money, No car at moment. Feeling depressed now.

ozzyo said...