Monday, November 06, 2006

Lovely Weekend

I had a lovely weekend away. John took me to Yorkshire to a village called Settle. It was extremely pretty. I really enjoyed myself. We just chilled out. It was nice to spend some time with just the two of us.

On Saturday we walked around the village (which didn't take long). Then we walk up from the village round to Attamire scar. John wanted to take some photos of entrances of caves which were situated around there. I just enjoyed the walk, though I did moan on the up hill bits.

On Sunday we went into to Stainforth and had a look at Stainforth bridge, the stepping stones and the waterfalls along the river. Spend a while amusing ourselves by watching salmon trying to jump up the four foot waterfall. We then continued to walk up hill and see Catrrig falls. They were well worth the steep walk up.

Then in the afternoon we when to White Scar caves, which are show caves.

Have a fantastic time. Thanks to John.

Sam X

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