Monday, December 30, 2013


Obviously the most amazing thing to happen this year was the birth of Penny, who now at 8 months has flourished into a content, happy, smiley baby who adores her brother. 
James has also transformed this year, from a baby to a thoughtful, caring boy. Who is happy, lively and has a cheeky sense of humor and crafty smile. He is polite and freely gives hugs and kisses to all. He too has come on leaps and bounds. I was initially worried how the new baby would affect him. I shouldn't have, he is a very attentive older brother, who makes sure Penny is included and safe.

Also, thanks to my maternity leave, this year we have had the freedom to go away on holiday. Our week in Yarmouth was brilliant (the weather helped) as was the trip to London to see the dinosaurs and caravaning with Grandad. 
So looking back at this year, I'm thanking my blessings for my little family and the time with have spent together. 

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