Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Totally Spoilt

This Christmas I have been complete spoilt by my family and friends. It just goes to show how well they all know me. These are a few of the goodies I got this year.

A fabulous handbag which will go completely with my rockabilly dresses and will make a change from carting round a changing bag.

A very posh handbag, so posh it comes in its own bag. So posh, I dare not use it. So posh, I'm thinking about hanging it on the wall to stare at it and occasionally stroke it.

A wine making kit and 2 bottles of Stags Breathe whisky, my favourite. So 2014 is looking very merry already.

A weekend in Chester. It is a place I have always wanted to visit, as it is steeped in history.

A mass of cake decorating, cake pop goodies and bread making things. These will keep me very busy. Hopefully everyone will benefit from this gift.

Some gorgeous clothes. My New Year Resolution is to make more effort with my appearance, so these will help, as will the make up and smellies I received.

A external hard drive. I'm on a mission to sort all my photos out and keep them in one place in some organised order.

There are lots of other bits and bobs. I'm very grateful to everyone. I'm hoping the presents we got people are just as well received as mine.

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