Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

We have had a lovely Christmas.
James, at 2 years old, had a lot more understanding this year. We put out the mince pie, carrot and sherry for Father Christmas. After watching Snowman and snowdog, we had a chocolate off the Christmas tree and had a look out the window to see if we could see Father Christmas.  
Christmas morning,  James had completely forgot about Father Christmas. He didn't see his stocking at the end of the bed. John had to go and check if he had been. James liked to explore each present before he opened the next. He walked into the living room, he didn't notice the giant stash of presents right I  front of the door. Ohhhh. It wasn't long before he had helped Penny open her Little Tikes activity house and have a good play in it. Up went the fire engine tent. He was so excited to find he had a roly digger. 
The morning soon whizzed by, leaving the toys was a little too much for James, but there were the only tears of the day and soon past with the excitement of seeing Grandad and telling him about his digger. 
Christmas dinner was lovely. James was well behaved. He is normally went we go out, but this was 3 courses, so a long time for him to sit. Penny fell asleep during pudding, not before getting cuddles from all the staff. 
Everyone came back to ours for the family presents. I think we were all pleased and spoilt rotten.

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