Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fantastic News

Hi. At last a decent photo. Though I don't normally look like this. It is one of those posh photo shoots things. I friend made me go.
I've had some fantastic new today. I got an email the other day asking if I was interested in a teaching job somewhere in Grimsby that was all they knew. So I thought what the hell, I'm desperate!!! Today I got a phone call asking to go for an interview???? I hadn't even sent a CV or application form off. It is a bit random.
Also this morning I rang I teaching supply agency. I got a interview off them as well.
Things are definitely looking up. At this rate I may not have to work Christmas day.
Love Sam X


Kate said...

well done thats fantastic hope it goes well good luck, how did you find out how meny people have looked at your site i thourght it was that bit on your profile

Grax said...

Congratulations on getting all those interviews. No doubt they'll lead to something good.

... Boy you sure are a pretty girl. ^_^