Sunday, October 15, 2006

Post office Hell.


I have just got back from wedding it was different, the bride didn't look to happy or pleased or in fact talked to anyone there.

At the moment I'm having trouble with the English postal system. They have changed it and it is confussing me. I don't see what was wrong with the old system of weighing things and posting them. Now it has to go by size as well!!!!

My sister has just gone to uni (See picture above, she the one on the right wearing the neaklace) and I thought it would be nice to keep in contact the old fashioned way and write letters. I keep senting her little gifts to surprise her. Evert time I send something I have to go to the post office and weigh it and sometime it cost more to send things than what the item costs. Crazy system. Oh and if you have a large envelope and fold it over it is then classified as a parcels and cost twice as more to send.

Any how she seems to be having a good time. You can always check out her website. Please leave a comment and she dosen't think anyone is visiting her. Be nice though.

Sam x

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Kate said...

oh my god thats fantastic : ) i have a job hurrrrah i love looking on your blog to see what new bits your've left my mate lydia laugh at the picture as she think she looks bad