Sunday, October 22, 2006

I went to a really nice wedding yesterday. Really enjoyed myself. I danced and drank the night away.
I brought a suit for the interviews I've got. It is only from Asda, but it looks good on. I would normally wear trousers, but they didn't have any my size so I got the skirt. The whole lot only cost £20.
Katie has just started a job at Next. I wonder if family get discount there?
Going away this weekend to a place called Brandy Wharf. Is sells lots of different ciders. Going to spend the day there, then go into town at night. Should be a good weekend.
Have to go now.

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Kate said...

have copyed your pic of when we're kids on to my "myspace" ifs fantastic i love it. hope you have a fantastic time away, and sending you loads of love and luck for your interview, can't wait for you all to come to visit, thank you for your comment on my blog
Kt xxx