Monday, October 09, 2006

Thank you for the comments I have received. It is lovely to click on the site and find someone has left a comment. It is nearly as good as getting post.

I have had a really nice day today. Sent off my application form for the year 4 teaching job and for the supply agency. Hopefully will hear from them soon.

I went to bingo last night with my Nan and a friend, won a huge box of chocolate, going to have a girly night in sometime this week so will save them for then. Going to pamper ourselves and have some wine and watch cheesy feel good films.

Going to a wedding on Saturday, some family that I don't really know. I am one of these people who really like weddings. I like the cheesy music and the dancing and the food and meeting people who I haven't seen in ages. It should be good.

See you soon

Sam X

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