Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Layed off

Feeling pretty rotten.
The hoilday camp with I am working at has layed me off. Quite cheesed off about it. Worked hard all summer making the big wigs loads of money, only to be repaid by them getting rid of me when they start make less money because of the season has quieten. It isn't as if the season finishes as it is near enough open all year round.

Sorry to rant but feel really hard done by. I can't even shout at them and tell them I quit because I need the boss to write me a good referances to get a teaching job.

Never mind we will see how it goes.

Sam x


Kate said...

don't worry about it honey butlins are poo, plus you'll probaly get a teaching jobs soon i have faith.
plus it gives you time off to come and visit me ;)

Anonymous said...

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