Friday, December 08, 2006

Hi. This is me in a hole.

Going to Lincoln Christmas Market tomorrow night.

Have iced my first Chiristmas cake today. I'm really pleased with myself. Never done it before. Will post a picture of the finished produce. Hope it tastes ok. Have also started to make some home made chocos as prizzies for people. I'm becoming a proper house wife. It is a good job too, as John ask asked to live with him next year. Scary stuff!! I will have to start making jam and dried flower arrangments next. Wait that isn't a house wife that middle aged. HELP!!!!! Oh My God!!! HELP!!!

Have to go and finish the rug (not the hair kind) I'm making now. Bye.
Sam X


Kate said...

ok i have found about 4 different victorias secrets but none of them are vicky. so could you post me the address on my comments page
cheers see ya at xmas xx

Kate said...

god dame look at my blog!!!!!
love ya xxxx