Thursday, December 14, 2006

Was in school again last week. Had a really rough day. Bit of a crazy class. But I managed, though my voice was quite strained by the end of the day. I definitely earn my money that day.

This is the finished result of the Christmas cake I've make. Really pleased with it. Dad doesn't like it, said it would like better with model santa's and snowmen on it. Decided that was too difficult for a beginner like me.

Having two Christmas's this year. Dad's Girlfriend has invited her family next weekend, so we are having an early Christmas, with turkey, crackers and games. I haven't meet them before. I will also be the odd one out as I'm going to be the only single person there everyone else is taking a partner.

Dad had finally brought him Christmas present from last year. Me and Colleen clubbed together to get him a bow and arrow, but the one we got him wasn't very good. So we just gave him the money to get one he liked. He is all kitted out now.

Sam X

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Kate said...

Oh my god why oh why are you turning in to a flying doctor, actually after tomorrow i might need some one to pump my stomach.
why are you turning in to an aussie just out of interest xxxxxxxxxxx