Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Opened my advent calendar today got a Christmas pudding. It is a chocolate one. I couldn't find a normal non chocolate one. There should be a diet version of advent calendars. Maybe they could have Christmas themed carved carrot sticks or something.

I really hate the word Xmas, I don't see why people shorten Christmas to xmas. It isn't as if it is any quicker to say. You may as well say X.

Any way enough of the moaning. I'm still working and loving it. Have near finished shopping. I hate finishing Christmas shopping well before Christmas. As then I continue buying people stuff they don't really need. Like Father Christmas Mugs, or ties that sing Christmas songs. I just can't stop myself.

Anyway have to go now. Dad to fixing my car again, going to take it for a test drive.

Merry X.
Sam. x


Kate said...

sometime i can't figure out if we are related and then you go and post a blog like that and i understand completely
merry X
and thats becuase i can't spell the other way!!!!
Kt xxx

Anonymous said...

yo missis glad the teaching is going well- my lot are mad but love them really.
Am comming for new tyear to vickys so it should be fun. Will you ask Kate to stop licking hugh laurie his face will ware off!
See you soon let me know how your doing
Love Hol