Monday, December 18, 2006

Lovely weekend

Had a really nice weekend. Meet dad girlfriends children for the first time. They also brought their girlfriends. Everything went really well. They are all the same age as me and I got on with themwell. We played games and eat far too much I drank tooo much, so I'm not sure what they thought of me.

Going to do my last shopping bits today, need a few things to make up peoples prezzies. Whisky (The dog) is going into the vets tomorrow. He has a lump on his side so he is going to have it removed. So I'm going to looking after him for a few days as Dad and Alice are going to London to see her mum.

Right going to do ironing now. I hate ironing it seems of pointless. I would rather iron things as a need them.

Sam X

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