Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jessica (with little arms).

So in a month and a half James turns 3. So my thoughts have turned toward his birthday party and present. Though I don't think my house can cope with any more toys, we seem to be bursting at the seams at the moment.

As James has started nursery I'm hoping this year he might have a few friends to invite, rather than just family like other years. When I ask him about children he plays with he doesn't know any of their names.
Until yesterday, when I discover that his best friend is Jessica. Jessica with little arms apparently. There 2 Jessicas in his room and I'm left wondering if the other Jessica has super long arms. I also need to find out her surname, I can't put Jessica (with little arms) on the invite. This has kept me amused all day.
Today we had progress with another little girl, Paige. They spent the entire time playing together and holding hands. When she left we had tears from James because he didn't kiss her goodbye, slightly odd behaviour in his behalf.

Oh and it turns out Jessica is one of the younger children in his room at nursery and James helps her reach the toy cooker.

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