Monday, January 27, 2014

Penny at Nine months

Today Penny is nine months old, to be honest I probably wouldn't have realised but the health visitor came to do her 8 month review and mentioned it.
She past her review with flying colours, complete with smiles and a bit of chatter. James was a little concerned at first, telling John that Penny didn't want to see the doctor.

So my little baby is no longer that little. Her 6 month baby grows are beginning to stretch at the seams and she no longer likes me to spoon feed her, causing a tug of war between me, her and normally a spoon full of food.

She is curious about everything at the moment. Nappy changing has become a wiggly pain as she strains to escape. Penny is now crawlling at top speed, we are having to nip about to keep up with her. She now and has been for a few months pulling herself up and standing, grabbing at anything in arms reach. She gave me a panic last week as she managed to pull over a cup of coffee, thank goodness it was cold, but it has left a rather unsightly stain on my cream carpet.

You give her a wave and she waves back. She loves me singing nursery rhymes and songs to the radio. She quick to give you a smile and often giggles randomly. She seems to has grow attached to a soft doll, Molly Dollie. I often find her curled up in bed with it in her arms. Both Penny and James sleep like me, on the side with my chin in the air. My favourite moments are when James purposely acts silly and falls down or spins round to make her laugh. What she is upset he tell her not to worry, when we are in the car he tell her we are nearly there.

Penny isn't sleeping very well at the moment, both John and I are running on empty. She has been ill for the last few days, that an a combination of teething and us being mean parents and taking her dummy away, has left her unsettled.

She is mummmmm and babababa away. Not sure if it can be classified as her first word or just a noise.

I can't believe how quickly she has grown up and how much she has changed. We have so much to look forward to.

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