Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Great Potty Bribe

Over the Summer we knuckled down to the business of potty training.
Unfortunately,  James just didn't get it. After months of trying, he couldn't understand when he needed to go. So for the sake of James, myself and the carpet we decided to have a break and try again a fresh in the new year.

So it starts again. This time it already seems more positive.
A bit of back story to the bribe. For Christmas, James received a remote controlled bulldozer from Grandad. On the back of the box were pictures of other toys in the range. James is saving for a grabber crane thing. Everytime he uses his potty he has a coin to go in him piggy bank. Between the Christmas money he got the birthday money he will get in February and the pennies he is saving by using the potty. He will soon have enough saved. At the moment he is very eager to save his pennies. So much so we had tears whike we were away because he wanted to buy a Peppa Pig comic but also wanted to save his money. It may seem harsh to make him buy his own comic (we don't always) but he needs to begin to understand that things cost money and about saving.
As a result of this bribe so far (fingers crossed, touch wood) our carpets are puddle free.

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