Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Year clear out.

After the extravagance of Christmas and New Year, I have decided to the a sort out of mind, body and the house, much to the dismay of James and John.

House: Currently, due to the influx of Christmas toys, my living room looks like a nursery.  Walking from one side to the other is like an obstacle course And I keep losing Penny in the clutter. So, much to James' annoyance his new toys are gradually creeping upstair and being put away. However,  much to my annoyance James is sneaking them down again. Thankfully due to me having larger hands and not having to walk upstairs using the banister, I'm winning and the living room is slowly becoming more bearable.

Body: Everyone over indulges over the festive periods, but I worked out the other day that we as a family have not had fresh veg for over a week. Cheese and biscuits are not an acceptable meal.  James has got into the habbit of asking to eat tea on the sofa or his digger while watching TV. So the Christmas chocolate have been hidden and tomorrow I'm off shopping for veg. Homecooking to back on the menu.

Mind: 2014 sees me returning to work. So I need to get my bum in gear and sort myself out. This includes ringing schools I previously worked for and telling them I'm back. Organising my resources ready for those days when you are faced with 30 children and no lesson plans. Finally getting myself into the habbit of getting up in the mornings, something I have always struggled with.

With these in mind and my New Year resolution of making more effort, we or I'm going to have a busy few weeks. I wonder how long it will last.

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